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09.04.2014    For all spareparts GERBERTECHNOLOGY discount 10% untill 30.04.2014

01.07.2013    For all GERBERTECHNOLOGY equipment and software 10% discount next 30 days

01.10.2012    Now we are official representatives for sewing machines: Швейные TYPICAL and VETRON.

25.10.2011    New product: scissors KAI.

24.10.2011    New product: Sewing machines SIRUBA.

21.10.2011    Now we are official representatives in the Baltic countries MARATHON threads.

19.10.2011    New product: Equipment for sewing shops and houses TEXI.

17.10.2011    Now we represent: the leader in ironing equipment VEIT.

14.10.2011    New product: needles ORGAN.

01.10.2011    New product: Sewing machines SIRUBA.

02.07.2010    SALES! SALES! SALES! Special offers for equipment and spare parts.

01.03.2009    Our qualified specialists repair and make adjustment for line matrix printers PRINTRONIX

09.03.2007    We have started bargain sales! Special offers for scissors and needles. Go to view...

28.02.2007     Decorative air fresheners are added. Beautiful design, a fragrant smell - an ideal gift for women.

27.02.2007     The unique goods from metal for design and an interior are added.